One Upon A Qoftan

Born of a refined taste for heritage and civilizations of all kinds, and infatuated with historic cities carrying time and modernity, a sublime blend of past Eastern heritage and Western modernity created Koftan, with rich threads and colourful fabrics from the heart of India, giving the eastern kaftan a new dimension.

Meet The Designer: Maha Al Angari

Maha Al Angari’s celebrated path as Saudi fashion designer has been paved with her travels across the world’s oldest and most influential civilizations, her artistic experimentation, and her natural knack for precision. Since her childhood days, Al Angari has harbored a passion for design that she has effortlessly reconciled with her cultural curiosity, and an eye for detail that she has sharpened over years of working in the construction business – where her work primarily involved the preservation of cultural landmarks and heritage. These many influences would take shape in Koftan, a proudly Saudi brand of conservative couture abayas and kaftans that Al Angari founded in 1997. A true reflection of Al Angari’s personal journey and passions, Koftan’s signature style proudly marries Saudi tradition and culture with those of civilizations across the globe, from East to West – from Europe’s avant-garde cuts to India’s rich threads and fabrics to Morocco’s distinctive patterns.